Dear WKU members,

once again this year we want to present y`all a unique opening ceremony. Athens - home of Greek mythologies, mythical creatures, gods and heroes. Where once demigods like Perseus fought against titans like the Kraken, where Zeus determined the fate of humanity, it is exactly where the best Martial Arts athletes will clash.
Who will climb the Olympus of martial arts. Who brings gold back home. The oracle of Delphi might know, but the unchanging truth will be told when the winners are on top of the podium and the national anthem rings.

However, every participant here is a winner. A year full of privation, blood, sweat and tears lies behind you. Among thousands of athletes, you have qualified and you are now here. Ready to fight. Let us celebrate this and welcome you with our annual Opening Ceremony. Expect a show inspired by Greek mythology, accompanied by the most influential personalities and stars of the World Kickboxing and Karate Union. Experience the show "unbreakable" with the world's best martial artists, the most influential personalities and stars of the World Kickboxing and Karate Union. On behalf of the WKU and the organizing team of the Opening Ceremony, I warmly welcome you and hope you enjoy the show.

I wish all athletes health and that the best in the end be rewarded with gold.

Sincerely your WKU  opening ceremony organization team

Get Ready for Athens!

Thilo Kudler Host /Direction/Script/

Please note: At the end of the editorial there was no binding commitment from the city regarding the Kotzia. You can find the latest updates and information at :

or pay attention to the notices during registration


Date of Ceremony : 26th of October 2018

Hotel Shuttle Service 5:00 PM

Set up time for teams : 6:00 PM

Start of the show : 6:30 PM

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